Terrace (deck) construction can improve your quality of life

When we own a residence, we like going outside in the summertime to enjoy the backyard. But without a terrace, it feels a bit empty… A terrace is, in a way, an extension of the house itself. It is a doorway to the sunshine, a swimming pool, a gazebo, a spa, or simply a patio table where we will entertain friends and family. It is our very own private spot outdoors, near trees and greenery.

If your terrace (deck) construction is well planned, this terrace will add comfort to your house and will increase its resale value. The better you plan its design, the more enjoyable it will be. We must first and foremost consider its practicality and choose the right materials so that our deck is sturdy and long lasting. We must then create the plan in order for your project to be functional, enjoyable and elegant.

A plan approval that takes into account your municipality's standards, the construction date and the choice of materials, just to name a few aspects, will contribute to a successful terrace and deck construction project!

Construction of a terrace adjoining a pool deck

Whether you need to build a terrace adjoining a swimming pool deck or a separate terrace and pool deck, we can help you carry out the most elaborate and ambitious projects!

First of all, your terrace and deck construction must meet the current standards to ensure your safety and peace of mind. You must then use quality materials (treated wood, quality aluminum balusters, adequate screws, sturdy and lasting supports) for your terrace or deck to be timeproof and weatherproof. It is also important that the design and aesthetics of your project respect your needs and your preferences in terms of style and comfort. By building a beautiful and sturdy terrace, you will be able to enjoy your patio (deck) and swimming pool to the fullest with your children, friends and family. The solidity and attention to detail of our construction projects ensure an optimal lifespan.

If you want, we can also include a pergola to create a much-desired shaded area in your backyard.

Deck and terrace construction

Deck and terrace construction

Deck and terrace construction

Contact us to tell us about your terrace and/or pool deck construction project in the Outaouais region!

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